ios development & IT

IT experience from IBM System/360 to iOS smartphones


I (* 1963) learnt programming over 40 years ago - my professional IT training included PL/I and assembler on the curriculum.


I completed a business degree at a university of applied sciences with a focus on Business Informatics and studied Applied Computer Science at Master's level.


Since then, I have always been involved with IT and computers, either professionally and/or in my free time.


I currently work full-time as a software developer for an insurance company in document management with DOPiX.


I started programming mobile apps for Android and iOS in 2015. In 2023, I got serious and completed a course as an iOS developer at Udacity and uploaded my first app to GitHub.


Asteroid Radar


"Asteroid Radar" is an app that allows you to view asteroids discovered by NASA that pass near Earth, as well as NASA news that frequently reports on asteroids.


You can view the data of all the detected asteroids in the next 7 days (size, velocity, distance to Earth and potentially hazardous or not).

The information of these asteroids comes from a free, open source API provided by NASA JPL.


The app has four screens:

1) Main screen with a list of all the detected asteroids and the NASA image of the day

2) Details screen that displays the data of the selected asteroid

3) Approach screen that displays all approach data of this asteroid in the past and in the future provided by NASA

4) News screen with NASA news